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Meet your team’s new ally, designed to enhance collaboration through effortless updates, progress tracking, and the convenience of automated daily standup meetings.


Create standups easily and efficiently with Gather AI

Customizable Questions
Tailor questions to match your team’s needs. Our bot will prompt members to address these queries in their daily standups at designated times.
Automated Reminders
Never miss a standup again! The bot will automatically remind everyone on your team to finish their standup on time.
Easy-to-Use Interface
A simple, user-friendly interface. Users can swiftly create, edit, and even mark holidays in their standups with just a few steps.

How Gather AI works

Check out this video to quickly see how to setup Gather AI for your team

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What’s included

  • Daily Standup
  • Unlimited Standups
  • Customizable questions
  • Unlimited team members


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